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Epoxy Floor Coating

We specialise in the application of ultra hard wearing two-pack epoxy floor coatings.

There are many advantages of having your workshop, showroom, or factory floor finished in this way.

These include;

Surfaces become impervious to all contaminants such as oil, & grease, thus making future cleaning fast and simple

Old bare floor surfaces can be coated with this ultra-modern hard wearing system, totally transforming its look from old to new

By coating your floor, you can dramatically increase the light reflection and retention within your facility, saving you money on lighting costs and improving the work environment of your staff.

Non-Slip Floor Grip

Our Two-pack epoxy finishes can also encorporate non-slip additives that will greatly reduce the slipping hazard within your facility.

Line-marking & demarcation

We provide a myriad line marking services including;

Car parking spaces
Speed bumps
Speed zones
Zebra crossings
Handicapped parking
No-parking zones
Bus stops etc.
Hazard zones
Safety routes/Thoroughfares etc.

The Driveway Cleaning Specialists

Need your surfaces cleaned before coating?

Our Driveway Cleaning Specialists Division can prepare your surfaces thoroughly to ensure your investment is secured on a clean foundation. Thorough surface preparation is paramount to an excellent finish, and a long-term life of the surface coating.

Visit any of the following pages for information relevant to your project requirements:

Industrial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Elevated Cleaning



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The Driveway Cleaning Specialists
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